Les Espagnoles

 Pendant notre cours d’Études Sociales avec Madame Sylvie, nous avons appris beaucoup de faits intéressants au sujet des Premiers Explorateurs. Pour conclure ce chapitre, nous devions choisir un groupe d’explorateurs de notre choix. Moi, j’ai choisi Les Espagnoles. Après ma recherche, j’ai préparé une présentation avec CANVA. Voici quelques faits intéressants que j’ai appris sur les Espagnoles. 90% autoctone morts par ce que les espagnoles ont les maladies, et Le filme ” the road to el doraldo” est inspire de les espagnoles. Ci-dessous, vous trouverez mon projet.




Whats the Matter in our World

Hallo hallo my fellow humans! Its Phoebe14 here, in science for our matter unit we had to make a project about…

WHATS THE MATTER IN OUR WORLD world world world (echo). I did mine about the melting polar glaciers here it is.


Melting by sophia.black

Hebrew the Sumery (first term)

Hallo, hallo, hallo parents or anyone that happens to be reading this post. Since its the end of the first term,

MY FLIPPING SALAMANDERS, ALL READY?! I’m going to summarise all of the projects and important stuff that you

need to know.


This taught me the vocabulary that I need to shop or to be a cashier in Israel.

מִי אֲנִי

We made this project so that me and my classmates could get to know each other more.


And that is it for the Hebrew summery first term.

Tune in for more awesome school subject summaries!


Public Speaking Reflection

Hello world! I’m sure you’ve heard of the public speaking competition but if not I’ll tell you about it! The public speaking competition that happens at my school every year. Grade 4 to Grade 8. students are supposed to make a speech about whatever they want, it can be informative or persuasive. For instance my speech was an informative speech about chocolate. So, let’s get started.

For my first paragraph, I’m going to bring you through what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. I enjoyed writing my speech because it was easy and ideas were popping into my head like I was Google 1,000,000 results (0.36 per second). Another part that I enjoyed was when I was presenting, it felt like I had all the power! And the final thing that I enjoyed (before we get to the bad stuff) is that I got pie at the end! And you can’t not take an offer for pie, can you? Now the stuff that I did not enjoy ☹. The first thing that I didn’t enjoy is that some people were upset of there grade, I don’t know why I did not ask but it still made me sad ☹. And last but the least, in the finals I did not get to throw the chocolate out to the crowd. It was a meat day. (It’s not all sad for me cause I gotta eat the chocolate all by myself 😁)

Though not everything was needles and violets, stuff was also challenging and easy. Like the writing was easy because ideas were popping into my brain twenty four seven! And throwing out the chocolate in the class competition was easy, but sadly I could not in the finals. There was also challenging stuff that I had to go through like changing my speech halfway through presenting it, changing my intro and conclusion in time, and even presenting it to the judges, my class, the grade fives and middle school!

In conclusion, public speaking has its pros and cons. It’s challenging and easy, fun and not fun, and it can teach you a lot. Bye!

Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered how one of the most desired candy was made,chocolate, who invented it, and the history of chocolate? Well, instead of satisfying your tummy, this will hopefully satisfy your curiosity.

Hi, World as you may have already guessed I am a big chocolate fan. Probably, like all of you! Today I will be bringing you through everything you need to know about chocolate. Soooooooooooooooo, let’s get started!

Chocolate was invented in mesoamerica, in about 1500 B.C, It was invented by Mayans. The first type of chocolate was actually a hot drink, kind of like hot chocolate but bitter and with foam at the top. It’s called Xocolatl. The Mayans thought that the cacao plant was a godly food that was given to them by a god that was a serpent, called Kukulcán, the god of calendars and books.

Let me take you on the fascinating journey that is the history of chocolate! Just, hop into the time machine and… weeeeeeeeeeeee! When Herman Cortez (An conquistador) visited Mesoamerica. Heman Cortezes Lieutenant wrote that the king got fifty jugs of Xocolatl a day that were poured into golden cups. When the Spaniards went back to Spain. They brought back some cacao beans. It was bitter so it cured upset stomachs, but to sweeten it they used vanilla, sugar, and honey.

 And so quickly it became very popular. But soon after chocolate would change forever in 1828 when the cacao press was born. That separated the cacao butter and the cacao paste, and added together it would make the chocolate that we know today. Then in 1836 a legend was born! A swiss chocolatier named Daniel Peters added power that made the first milk chocolate. So say thanks to Peters the next time that delicious milky goodness slips down your throat! a powder that made milk chocolate. Now to jump out of the time machine… 

Now that we are in present time, have you ever wondered about the disastrous day when chocolate runs out? Well I have! (Shudder) Rather than dwelling on that, let me tell you about how to make your own chocolate., Making chocolate has four steps: fermenting, drying/roasting, grinding, and heating and molding. First you have to cut open cacao fruit, Oh, and the inside is very gross. There is a white skin on the actual bean. Now to ferment! You put the beans in a jar.

Press the beans together, then close the jar. You have to wait for about a week. On the fourth day put some paper towels on the jar and wait for a couple days. Put all of the beans on a tray and put it in a dehydrating oven for twenty four hours. Now it’s time to roast the beans, put it in a regular oven at 312 degrees fahrenheit for five minutes then lower the temperature to 275 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Then, let the beans cool for about two hours. Once they are done cooking you can take off the shell, and let the chocolate aroma envelope you in a warm delicious hug.

Then put the beans in a jar, just make sure that there is not any shell left. Put the beans in a morsel and pestle and grind up the beans into this powder. Put the cacao beans in a bowl, add sugar and mix. If you want milk chocolate add milk powder. Then add 30 grams of Cocoa butter, melt it, and you guessed it… mix. Put it over some boiling water on the stove and once it’s ready it should look like a liquidy brown paste. Okay, now this is one of the hardest parts: put a good piece of dark chocolate in the bowl. Try not to eat it! And then, stir until it is fully melted. Pour it in a silicone mold. We are almost done!


Put it in the fridge overnight, take the mold off. Now, To solve the mystery , how does it taste? 


 The hardest step, do not eat it in one sitting!


Now that we have our delicious chocolate. I DEFINITELY promise I haven’t eaten it all … he he he…well maybe a second batch is cooling in the fridge right now…I can’t confirm or deny… I am passing the chocolate baton to you! Go make the chocolate, go learn about the Mayans and ENJOY!


Hello world, and beings from other parts of the universe! Me and my class just started another unit of science! Geology! So, for our first activity, me and my class got two cookies and a skuer to pick out all of the chocolate chips, without breaking the  cookie! (I felt like a Geologist.) Speaking of that we should talk about Geologists.

What is a Geologist:

Geo means earth, so, a Geologist is a scientist that studies the earth. And helps us understand the earth better. Some geologist go into volcanos and estimate when they are going to erupt. Some geologists study rocks from other planets or moons. Some geologists study, soils, rocks, and underground water to determine which element is strong, and stable. A day in a life as a geologist




Innovation Project

Hello people and beings who live in other places in the vast darkness of space!Here is a blog post about it explained by me Phoebe 14! Me and my classmates were asked to make a cardboard medieval castle with a working drawbridge with a gear system and a pulley system. I will start in 3, 2, 1!

What is a castle

Castles are made for special people like Kings or Queens. It is different than a fortress which is for wars.The oldest castle did not look like the ones we know today. They just looked like a  bunch of thatched roofed houses with a fence and a moat around it; They were called Motte and bailey castles  but, they were not very resistant to fire. So they switched to stone castles which could withstand more wars and fires. Also in that time there were not a lot of rooms in the castles there was normally about 6 rooms which include the kitchen, the great hall, the queens bedroom, the children’s bedroom, the kings bedroom, and the Lords bedroom. There were no bathrooms the royals did there business in the moat or in the streets. And servants slept on the floor of the great hall or the kitchen, which does not seem very comfy. Most castles would have a drawbridge which is a door that lets people in but, keeps the stuff that you don’t want in, out. So that is what a castle is.

Motte and bailey castles


Lords vs Serfs

When you were born from a lord and a lady you had a more privileged life. You got nice cloths, nice house,and servants you could also be the lucky few who learn how to read and write. If you were a lord you would also own a lot of land. Like the forests that lived near you, and even whole towns! On the other hand if you were born as a serf you would not be as lucky. You worked on farms, mines, in the forests, and in a factory sewing. You had the least power, you were controlled by lords, and lived in simple houses made of wood, and mud the worst part was that you had a thatched roof which can’t withstand bad weather.

The feudal system

Please see my blog about pulleys

Some pictures of me building my castle and pulley system:

Me learning about pulleys

Painting my castle

My final product



Self reflection Conclusion

My gear system did not work because my pulley system is fragile and the gear did not fit well in my pulley system.  Also I struggled to find a good stand for my pulley system. I used a fixed pulley system because we don’t need the drawbridge to go side to side, we need it to go up and down. If I would do this again I would change the way that the drawbridge goes up. So, that I can learn more about gears and pulleys.

Do you want to be a Pirate?

 I believe that being a pirate is bad and amazing!!!!! If you do what the captain says it’s a good day for you but, if you don’t, well, bye you’re dead! 

The evidence that supports that being a pirate is great is all the good stuff that goes along with being a pirate. The most important activity in my opinion is you go on lots of adventures; You go to find treasures on treasure maps which take you all around the world.Gold, and Silver! I’m guessing you know this one, pirates are rich, this is the reason they get soooooooooo rich they steal, and look for treasure. The most entertaining of all of the activities I listed is card games, two card games that my Mom told me about are poker, and bridge. On guard! My favorite activity has come! Fencing! Fencing is the practice of sword fighting pirates used it like us, they used it to practice sword fighting though we also think of fencing as a sport nowadays. Feel the cool water spray in your face and the wind in your uncut hair. You are sailing in the Caribbean. It is hot and humid. That’s what pirates do most of the time.

On the other hand being a pirate is not always so good. My first reason is that you get scurvy which is where you don’t get enough vitamin C. This rarely happens but, if you cross another ship of pirates’ path sometimes you will get into some trouble. Unless you are Captain Jack Sparrow! Unfortunately if you get caught as a pirate you will be sent straight to jail. Those were the bad events that can happen if you decide to be a pirate.  

In conclusion, being a pirate is fun but there are lots of consequences.

Why Should Everyone Should Own A Cat

Did you know that in ancient Egypt cats were worshiped as gods and even mummified? Just like ancient Egyptians, I think that cats are the best pets. They can live in small spaces, they’re easy to house train and they make you worry less.

Have you lost someone you loved? I know that it is very hard losing someone you love. Some studies have shown that cats will help you handle hard times. For example Cats have shown that they help you get over your troubles quickly. I think it’s very easy to talk to someone or something that does not Judge you and does not respond . That’s how they help you handle hard times

Next, the thought of dogs loving humans more than cats : is just a stereotype.( I think Ahhhhh whose thought is that?!) Cats can be just as good a companion as dogs. An Australian study has shown that having a cat in the house can feel the same as having a romantic partner. Cats even remember kindness and they will try to return it later. Imagine all of the cats watching all of us humans walking by them and not even taking a glance at their cute cuddly faces when they are waiting for a human to get them and to get pets and to give back.

Finally, have you ever felt so worried that you would not come out of bed? For example: You are going to a new camp but you are very worried. So, you tried to avoid it by staying in bed. Studies have shown that cats make you worry less and get stressed less. Also if you live in an apartment I recommend having a cat because dogs need lots of space to live in, but you can have indoor or outdoor cats unlike dogs who need to go outside every single day.

In conclusion, it is obvious that you must get a cat. That’s because they help you handle hard times, cats give you back kindness and  you can have them as pets anywhere. You must get a cat today!


Hello Earth and other whatevers from other planets!

This week me and my class were learning about pulleys! What are pulleys? Glad I asked. Pulleys are a simple machine. That if you pull down the load goes up!

There are lots of different types of pulleys.

Here is a video to explain it

If you do not see it click on the “Here is a video to explain it

Here I am working on pulley power:

Here is my final ‘build my own’ pulley system:




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