The Plastic Problem

The Plastic Problem

So,it all started with me in grade 2 2019.I made a club that picked up liter.But then the pandemic hit I still wanted to help;So I bought some “How to reduce plastic books”I asked my parents if we could reduce plastic , and they said yes!So I ask and ask and ask and  ask my school and my parents to do more stuff to reduce plastic.


Do you know about BIOPlastics?

Some people are trying to make some!,and some are convincing people to give their crops to them to make BIOPlastics.

Here are some BIOPlastics:

Corn , Mushrooms and Paper rock.


Different types of plastics

There are lots of different types of plastics.

Some are good and some are bad.

Some are recyclable and some are not.

Some are tiny and some are as big as a T.rex!

(Don’t worry I’m just joking!)

and some are big.

Some are plant baste and some are not!

Some are common and some are not common.


 How to resist plastic.

  1. Don’t use plastic cutlery.
  2. Buy bars of soap or fill your old ones.
  3. Take care of your stuff so you can use them again!
  4. Buy stuff from bulk stores.
  5. And this is the most important step to try to encourage others to do it too!


What kids can do to help.


  1. Pick up litter.
  2. Encourage you to say no to plastic bags.

Make crafts of cardboard.


Have a great day!